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The String of Hearts, otherwise known as Ceropegia woodii, is a stunning hanging plant that can add beauty to your living space. This is a native plant of Africa. If you are planning to grow them outdoors, then it will require USDA zones 10 and above. This plant consists of heart-shaped leaves with 3 inches of spaces in between. They grow along on its slim stems. The scarce foliage makes this plant look unique. The top surface of the leaves is etched with white and purple underneath. It is best to hang this plant since its stems tend to drape over its pot or container.

Perhaps you might think that it is difficult to care, but once you get used to it, you’ll soon discover that this is one of the most indulgent houseplants. It has a high tolerance for heat and light. Most of all, it only requires minimal maintenance. Just make sure to put them in the brightest area of the house. Here, we will give you some tips on how to take good care of your String of Hearts.

How Much Water Does It Require?

Just like other succulents, String of Hearts requires water, so be sure to water them when it gets dried out from the last time that you water them. In the summer, these plants require more water than in the winter.

What is the Ideal Light and Temperature For This Plant?

Ceropegia woodii loves bright light, however, they cannot tolerate direct sunlight. If you place them indoors, then ensure that you place them near the window so they can obtain lots of light. But if you decide to put them outdoors, be sure to put them in the bright shaded area.

If you want to know whether it has obtained sufficient light, then you must examine the color of the leaf as well as the spaces between its leaves. You will know that your String of Hearts requires more amount of light when its leaves have wider gaps and it has a lighter color. If you love growing them indoors, then be sure to provide them the brightest light as much as possible. Also, the temperature must be between 80 to 85 degrees, and in the winter, you can keep it at 60 degrees.

When Is The Best Time To Repot Your String of Hearts?

The best time for repotting your String of Hearts is during summer. This can help in reducing any risks since this is their active growing period.
When Is The Best Time To Repot Your String of Hearts?

How To Propagate String of Hearts

It is very easy to propagate the String of Hearts. Here, we will give you three ways of propagating this plant.

Soil Propagation

To accomplish this method, you must cut off the vines, then take off the leaves on the portion that you will plant. Push the vines into the soil and make sure that the nodes are covered with soil. This will guarantee that the roots can grow. Be sure to put this in an area where there are enough light and air. Water them at least once a week, to keep the soil a bit moist. This can help the roots to grow out.

Water Propagation

Of all the propagation methods, this is one of the most popular. Most succulent growers love this method because it is very easy to accomplish. You can start by preparing all the necessary things needed such as scissors, vase, and some water. Cut off some pieces of the vines and place them in the vase that contains some water. Wait for some time to let the roots grow. If you want the roots to grow faster, then put the vase in an area where there is sufficient light.

The time required for the roots to appear will likely depend on several factors such as light and temperature. The roots can grow in a few days if you have provided them with the right conditions.

Tuber Propagation

In this propagation method, you must select the largest tuber. The best option would be a fingernail-sized tuber. Simply leave the tuber on the vine. Stick it into the soil so the roots can grow roots. When the roots have already grown out, then you can cut the vine from its mother plant.

Aside from this, there is also another method of propagating this plant using its tuber. First, you have to cut the vine with the tuber. Put it in a pot that contains soil. Cover the tube with a bit of soil mix. Put the plant in a bright area and water it at least once a week. After a few weeks, you will notice that the tuber will start rooting.

Tuber Propagation

Some Facts About String of Hearts

  • The trails of String of Hearts could reach up to 12 inches long when grown in its natural habit. Typically, if you grow them as houseplants, then it won’t go over 2 inches long. When grown outdoors, it could reach 4 inches long or more.
  • If you are growing your String of Hearts as a houseplant, then you must dry them out in between watering. During those hot summer months, you must water them every other day. On the other hand, if the temperature is around 90 degrees, then you can water it every 3 to 5 days. Always avoid giving it too much water.
  • When grown indoors, you have to provide it with bright light and be sure not to put it in direct sunlight. Placing them in the west window is fine, just ensure that it is not against the hot glass. When grown outdoors, you have to keep them in a bright shade without any direct sunlight.
  • It is fine to use succulent and cactus mix on your String of Heats. But it is more excellent if you can add some coco coir into the mix. Another alternative would be to use half succulent and half cymbidium orchid mixes. Just ensure that it can drain well.
  • When transplanting your String of Hearts, it is best to do in the summer or spring.
  • Can String of Hearts bloom? Absolutely! This plant will probably start to bloom at the end of summer, then it will just keep on coming.
  • If you think that your plant requires some feeding, then its best to do it in the spring. You can use a liquid houseplant fertilizer.
  • The simplest way to propagate String of Hearts is by using its tubers and stem cuttings. Tubers can be laid on top of a mix and roots can grow quickly.
  • You should keep an eye on pests such as aphids and scale. Although they seldom appear.
  • Pruning may not be essential. However, if you can see some dead stems, then you have to cut them out. If your plant has grown too long or you want to propagate it, then pruning is needed.
  • There are two common reasons why some people are having some difficulty in growing the String of Hearts. The first reason is, it does not get sufficient light and the other reason is, it is overwatered. These incidents usually occur during the winter months.
  • During warmer climates, you can grow your String of Hearts outdoors throughout the year.
If you like growing succulents, then you can find some informative posts at Eden Succulents. We can help you with caring for your succulents. If you have any unique experience that you want to share, then please let us know about it!
Succulent Live Plant

Succulent Live Plant

  • Including: 1 live succulent plant
  • Approximate size: 10 cm (3.94 inch)
  • Please note that the plant will not come along with any pot or container.
String of Hearts Plant, Rare Colors, Ceropegia Wodii

String of Hearts Plant, Rare Colors, Ceropegia Wodii

Ceropegia woodii also known as String of Hearts is native to South Africa. A small succulent vine growing from tuberous base,leaves in pairs, heart shaped , thick and succulent ,4 inch long, dark green marbled with white, gray, silver, dark pink.