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Why should you choose the perfect pot for your succulents? Most succulent enthusiasts would not mind what kind of pot they would use for their succulents. However, do you know that these pots can greatly influence the health of your succulents aside from making them look good? There are various types of succulent pots and they greatly vary in sizes, drainage, as well as the materials being used.

What Are the Materials Used for Succulent Pots?

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are created from clay and solidified by heat. There are two types of ceramic pots, the glazed ceramic pots, and the unglazed ceramic pots. Glazed ceramic pots are not as porous so it does not dry out fast and has restriction in the air movement.

It has a smooth surface since it has a glazed coating. It is not breathable however it does not mean that it is not good for your succulents. You can use them for your succulents, but you have to be careful in watering them. Make sure that the soil is completely dry before watering your succulents.
On the other hand, unglazed ceramic pots are porous, but they are not as breathable as terracotta pots. There is movement of air and water on the sides. It is great at retaining moisture, so you don’t have to water your succulents more often.

Ceramic pots are ideal for succulents that favor dry soils. They come in various colors and designs, making them great for outdoors and indoors. Keep in mind that they are fragile, so you must be careful in handling them. Ceramic pots tend to be heavier and more expensive too! Also, they can’t stand too much coldness.

Ceramic Pots

Terracotta Pots

One of the most popular choices of succulent growers is terracotta pots. It is made of porous material, making it more breathable. Breathability is something that your succulents need, however, this might not be ideal if you are living in dry places or during hot summer days.

If you are using terracotta pots for your succulents, then you must water them more often. When these pots are exposed to the sun for a long period, it can get too hot and might destroy the roots of the succulents. Terracotta pots are perfect if you are living in a place with a humid and hot climate.

One of the greatest advantages of terracotta pots is they are extremely heavy to lift, especially when they are already filled. Also, you must be very careful when using them because they can easily get damaged.

Plastic Pots

The most common types of succulent pots are plastic pots. Most often, we can see succulents in plastic pots being sold in garden centers. This is not a bad choice after all. Plastic pots are light, so they are easier to move. However, they are not breathable, this means that it can hold more moisture. Also, it is easier to determine if it requires more water. Simply hold the pot in your hand. If it is still heavy, then it still has a lot of water. But if it is already light, then you need to water them.

Furthermore, polyresin pots are much the same as plastic pots. You can’t even tell the difference if you don’t touch it. Polyresin pots are also available in different sizes and designs.

Concrete Planters

When it comes to concrete planters, you can choose the particular size and shape that you want since it will depend on its mold. You can even customize it by painting or decorating them. However, always ensure that it has a drainage hole.

Concrete Planters

Glass Containers

Keep in mind that glass containers do not have any drainage holes. They are ideal for terrariums. But they can also be used as plant holders. They can look terrific if you put some colorful sand on it since they are transparent. Glass containers are best for drought-tolerant plants such as succulents. Be careful not to overwater your plants since it does not have drainage holes.

Wooden Planters

Succulents can also be planted on wooden planters. If you want to use wooden planters, then be sure that your plant and your pot have some protection. You could place a plastic container at the bottom so the wood can be protected against too much moisture. If you don’t have protection, then it might get rotten and the roots of your plants could get damaged.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Succulent Pots

Drainage Holes

If you don’t want to buy succulent pots for your succulents, then you can use any types of containers, just make sure that it has some drainage holes. If you can’t put drainage holes in them, then just try to avoid overwatering your succulents.

Drilling a hole in your container is not difficult at all. Just secure a drill and a drill bit. For smaller pots, you can use ½ inch drill bit and for bigger pots, use a one-inch drill bit. For bigger pots, you can drill more than one drainage hole. Drilling a hole on your pots can be done in less than a minute.

Size of Pots

Aside from the pot materials, the size of your pots is also important. Some people think that a bigger pot is a good option since it provides more space for the roots to grow. Unfortunately, this is not true. When planting your succulents, you only need to keep it shallow. If you use a pot that is not breathable and is too deep, then there are chances that it will get rot.

The best solution is to use succulent soil with good drainage. When making your succulent soil, be sure to put additional coarse sand and perlite. You could also improve its drainage by laying your pot on top of the gravel. Once your succulents have grown bigger, you can transfer them to another pot.

Another solution would be to choose succulents that can withstand deeper and non-breathable pots. One good example would be Haworthia. These succulents can tolerate extreme moisture.

Eden Succulents has been helping succulent enthusiasts in growing and caring for their succulents. We want to make sure that you can grow healthy succulents. If you have any questions about succulent pots, then please let us know in the comments below.