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Eden Succulents


Succulents are a group of plants that are mainly identified for its thick, fleshy leaves and stems which are used for storing water. There are different kinds of succulents. Although they vary in their structure, yet they share the same characteristics.

They can survive for a longer period even in arduous conditions. There is a large variety of succulent plants. Some of the most popular ones include aloe, cactus, asparagus, snake plant, spider plant, lucky bamboo, monsters, peace lily, etc.

Succulent plants can efficiently absorb and retain water, which means that they can still survive even if you plant them on the most water-deprived areas. Hence, it is not surprising that succulents are commonly associated with water. The fact is, there is no other plant that can retain water as succulents do. All living things require water to survive.

What is the Symbolism of Succulents?

Succulents are a great source of symbolism due to their longevity and ability to survive even in difficult conditions. Succulent plants are best known for their incredible and distinct characteristics. They can survive in any type of conditions. Also, they can effectively retain water which is essential for its survival. Since they are rich in water, then they can keep their bodies healthy.

Succulent plants can represent a lot of things including tenacity, determination, life, endurance, perpetual love, eternal relationships, longevity, perseverance, good fortune, peace, yearning, wealth, devotion, growth, loyalty, focus, survival, love of nature, prosperity, and many more. Succulent plants signify a lot of things to many people. Here are some of them:


Surviving in this challenging world is not easy. Succulents such as cacti show us tenacity and determination. These plants can thrive and reproduce new plants even from the droppings of their leaves.

This is a great reminder for us that even if we are in the darkest situations of our lives, we should not give up. Anything can be possible. Having determination and the right attitude can help you succeed after suffering the worst things in life. Succulent plants do not avoid suffering, yet they thrive to survive.

This is why cactus plants are often used in meditations to help us motivate. They can also help those who are experiencing a painful period in their life.


By seeing how tenacious and highly surviving succulents are, it helps us realize that we should not be easily discouraged by any negative situations that will come our way. The most important thing is to stay focused and determined with your goals in life.

Keep reminding yourself that you are capable of doing something meaningful and extraordinary in your life if you just live life and endure difficult situations. If you desire to become better, then you must have the right attitude and the determination that you can successfully change your life.

Eternal Love

Since succulents can survive for a long time, then it can be associated with love and relationships. These plants represent enduring, perpetual, and unconditional love. During ancient times, cacti represent the people who were waiting for the return of their loved ones. It was the power of their strong love that kept them standing even if their mortal bodies are long gone.

Nowadays, succulents are used as a symbol of strong love. They can also be used to represent forgiveness, making them an excellent “I’m sorry!” gifts.

Succulent plants can withstand any harsh conditions. They can survive anywhere most especially in areas where most plants are struggling to thrive.

This is why succulent plants are considered as the perfect symbol for unconditional love. It could be between lovers or the relationship of a mother to her children. They will fight for their love no matter what difficulties might come their way.

Having succulent plants in your life is a great sign that you can experience eternal love in the coming days. You will be loved for who you are. Perhaps you will meet someone who can bring happiness into your life. Someone who will stay with you forever. It can also signify that life will come your way.


Not all plants can survive in harsh conditions. They won’t be able to thrive due to insufficient nutrients and minerals which are needed for their growth and survival. However, succulent plants can grow and develop for a long time because they have water stored in their leaves and stems. They can survive through different seasons since they are well known to efficiently store water. This is one of their distinct characteristics which makes them what they truly are.

Realizing how succulents were able to thrive will help us realize that we too can survive most especially during those difficult times. It shows us that we could be whatever we want to be as long as we have the desire and the determination.
The presence of succulents is a symbol that we are going to rise above it all most especially during those challenges that come our way. We can be productive and valuable. With succulents, there is no end to its growth. This means that you can continuously grow and develop so you can enjoy a better life.

Tranquil Living

Succulent plants are distinct in such a way that they can survive even in harsh conditions. This means that it symbolizes peace and healthy living. They are known to survive in areas where most plants can’t. Because of this, succulents help us realize that our life is worth living.

Succulent plants also represent good fortune and goodwill. This means that you can choose to live your life peacefully. Good fortune will come your way so do not hesitate to make the best decisions in your life. Always be ready to create a big difference in your life.

Although succulents are not tall, yet they symbolize beautiful and incredible things. At Eden Succulents, we can help you care and grow your succulent plants. We can provide you some tips to inspire you in growing your succulent collection. If you need any information about succulents, then just let us know in the comments below.