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Eden Succulents


Let’s be honest here – corporate spaces look pretty dull. All you see are white walls, cubicle fixtures, and drab fluorescent lighting that don’t motivate your creativity.

Fortunately, there’s a way to create an inspiring work environment in your offices -indoor plants! Some offices sometimes want plants, but they are discouraged with the hassle of watering them regularly. A great solution to this is office succulents. Succulents are very easy to care for and also have a lot of health benefits, so they don’t only make your office look more sophisticated, but they also improve the overall atmosphere.

Benefits of Having Succulents in Your Office

Improves Air Quality

Unlike most houseplants that stop releasing oxygen in the night, succulents continue to do so throughout the night. The added circulation will help everyone in your office breathe easier and have a clear head and a focused mind.

Succulents also purify toxins from indoor air. According to a study by the American Society for Horticultural Science, indoor plants remove harmful formaldehyde in the air. Formaldehyde is a toxin found in wood furniture and building materials such as hardwood plywood paneling, and fibre boards. It can cause skin and respiratory problems and headaches.

Keeps Your Office Healthy

High humidity inside the office can cause employees to feel tired and sluggish. It can also be a cause for dry skin, colds, sore throat, and dry cough, which can get dangerous, especially when you have a small office where viruses and bacteria can spread quickly. Having succulents inside your office can help lower the humidity and improve employees’ well-being, which will result in better work performance.

According to two separate studies conducted by the Agricultural University of Norway and environmental psychologist Tina Bringslimark, having plans in the office decreases the occurrence of sicknesses in the workplace, and employees who regularly see these plants take lesser sick days off from work.

Provides Better Concentration

Seeing greenery and nature in your workplace reduces your stress and anxiety and helps you feel more relax and calm. When employees experience minimal stress, they can focus more on their jobs. The green color of succulents also produces stability and boosts concentration, while its oxygenating abilities help strike a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, which results in better brain function.

Provides Better Concentration

How to Grow Succulents in the Office

Succulents can grow in low-light conditions like the office, but it can be a bit tricky. Here are some essential tips for growing succulents in the office:

Use the Proper Soil Mix

Succulents do not like sitting on wet soil for a long time, so it’s essential to use a well-draining soil for your plants. Heavy and dense soil does not dry fast enough for succulents’ liking. Because of the low light condition inside the office, your succulents must be planted in fast-draining soil. Constantly wet soil and poor lighting will immediately kill your succulents.

You can make your succulent soil by mixing equal parts of the cactus mix and perlite. To enhance the draining ability of your soil, you can add the same amount of coarse sand to your soil mix. If your budget permits, you can add gravel and pumice to the mix.

Give them Enough Light

One of the trickiest parts of growing a succulent is giving them enough sunlight. They generally need six hours of bright, indirect sunlight every day. Inside the office, you need to place your succulents somewhere that gets light all day.

First, determine where natural light is coming in. Choose the brightest window in your office. It will be easier to remedy too much sunlight on your succulents than insufficient light.

If you’re stuck in a windowless working space or if your cubicle is too far away from the window, you can still grow your succulents, but with more difficulty. Invest in artificial light or grow light that will supplement the lighting requirements of your plants.

Give them Enough Light
Succulents are not very particular with where the light comes from. Natural sunlight contains the full spectrum of light, but succulents do not require all the color spectrums of light to live and grow. The bottom line is they need light to grow, so grow light can be a good alternative for your succulents if giving them natural sunlight is not feasible.

Choose the Right Pot

Succulents growing in low light conditions are prone to root rot, so your pots should have enough holes to allow excess water to drain. When using a pot without drainage holes, be careful with watering your plants. Succulents enjoy getting their roots soaked with water, but they don’t like to be watered frequently.

Give them a good drench when you water them, enough for the water to reach their roots, but wait until the soil completely dries out before you water them again. Watering succulents daily can kill them.

Pick the Right Succulent

Not all succulents can thrive indoors, so make sure to choose a variety that prefers low light or shade. Most succulents that come in bright colors like red, purple, and orange, do not do well as indoor plants. Green succulents are your best choice.

Here are five succulents that will grow well in your office:


Haworthias make for the perfect office plants because of their size. They’re cute and small and resemble aloe plants. Haworthias can tolerate low light conditions and will look best when given bright, filtered light. The leaves of Haworthias are long and green with pointy edges and white spots.


Aloe Verat

Some species of aloe vera do not grow too large, especially if they are indoors, which makes them excellent office plants. They will do well indoors as long as they get enough sunlight. You’ll know when they’re not getting enough light when their leaves start to droop downwards.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus or schlumbergera produces flowers around Christmas, hence their name. Their beautiful blooms come in red, pink, cream, orange, or purple. These succulents are native to the rainforests of Brazil, so you can plant them in regular container soil. Water them once a week because they prefer a more humid environment compared to other succulents. The Christmas cactus prefers partial shade and will do well on your desk even if it’s not near the window.

Jade Plant

Jade plants stay small even if you prune them, so they’re great to keep on your desk. They do well in low light conditions, so you don’t need to purchase a grow light to keep them thriving. Jade plants look like little trees with woody stems and glossy leaves, which makes them an exciting addition to a drab-looking workspace.

Snake Plant

If you want to improve the quality and circulation of air inside your office, snake plants are your best choice. These succulents are proven to remove harmful chemicals from the air. Snake plants have green leaves that stand tall, with some varieties having colorful leaf edges. They prefer filtered light and don’t do well in full sun.

It’s a great idea to grow succulents in your office. They are low-maintenance, and there are a lot of benefits you can get from them. It can be tricky, but doable if you follow the tips above.

What succulent do you plan to grow in your office? If you still need help deciding, leave us a comment, and we’ll share our favorites!