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For some reason, a lot of people believe that it is expensive to keep houseplants such as succulents in your home. What they do not know is that it will only be costly if you choose to be expensive. Research goes a long way. The research will tell you that there are a lot of ways to keep your love for succulents without having to empty your pockets.

We have decided to compile all the budget-friendly ways of collecting and growing succulents. We are so excited to share these with you in this article. Hopefully, this will spark that love for succulents that you have in you. Through this, we also hope that you will no longer worry about the expenditures.

Succulents and Succulent Seeds

1. Buying in the Market

Most people choose to buy in the market or in the mall because, of course, we want to see how beautiful and healthy the succulents are with our own eyes. A simple potted succulent plant may cost around $3 – $4, depending on its cut, shape, and size. Most succulents are cut in a flower shape, which is very beautiful.

If you are planning to buy only one or two succulents, it is not expensive. However, if you are planning to collect sets of succulents of different families, that is where we need to be critical of how much we spend.

If you are buying in the market or in a physical store, here is our pro tip! However, take note, if you use this pro tip, this will challenge the succulent-grower in you.

Here it goes: Look for sad-looking succulents and ask for a big discount.

Yup that is our tip! Just make sure that these succulents are rescuable. If you are up to that challenge, take it. We will be with your journey every step of the way by providing the articles you need to save that sad-looking succulent and make it happy in your home.

2. Buying Online

Buying Online
The Internet is a vast world, and you will be surprised by the dozens of online shops you can purchase succulents from. The benefit of buying online is that you have a more extensive array of specimen choices. That is why we will share with you here the best online shops to buy from that give you quality and healthy succulents being sold at a very affordable price.
This is an online platform dedicated to selling succulents. They offer both retail and wholesale prices. You can gather your friends, and you can buy a lot of succulents at their wholesale prices so that you can save money while sharing with your friends your love for succulents.

The best part? They ship worldwide! You do not have to worry about where you are; they will send it straight to your doorstep.
What is unique about this online succulent shop is that they offer reseller packages! If you are going to buy succulents, why not sell them as well so you can also earn? At the same time, you will be able to share your love of succulent with your neighbors and friends in the city. Win-win, right?

The Soil

While there are affordable succulent potting soils you can buy online, the best way to save around the soil that you use for your succulents is to make it yourself. It is easy, and you get to control the ingredients that you put in your succulent’s potting soil.

Here is a video by Christine Kobzeff on a Do-It-Your-Own Succulent and Cactus Potting Soil.

Some say that your succulents flourish more if you make the soil yourselves for them. Christine Kobzeff can attest to that! Watch the video and see how she does it. Then, why not try it yourself?

However, if you do not have the time to make your own potting soil for your succulents, there are still online shops that sell succulent soils at a very affordable price.

For starters, check out this succulent soil from Amazon:

Succulent Supplies

Succulent Supplies

Amazon can take care of that! They usually have a lot of sales going on with their succulent supplies, so be sure to type in “Succulent Supplies” in Amazon, and boom. You have a set of succulent supplies with too-good-to-be-true marked down prices from ceramics to soils to water bottles.

Check this out, for example. It is a garden set of 15 succulent plant tools. Everything you need is there, and the set is only for $9.50. Online shops offer lower prices than in physical shops. So do not miss this chance!

Be sure also to check It is not an online shop exclusive to succulents and succulent supplies, but they offer great deals. Do not forget to click on “Blitz buy” on their website to see fantastic discounted items every day.

Do you have budge tips of your own? Share it with the rest of the Eden Succulents family!