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The Crassula ovata-Gollum, also called “Gollum Jade” or “Finger Jade,” is a cultivar of the Crassula ovata “Jade.” If the name Gollum sounds familiar, then you probably know about the famous fictional character in some of J.R.R Tolkien’s classic works. Gollum is a hobbit who has disfigured features similar to the Gollum Jade plant, which appears to be a deformed version of the Crassula ovata “Jade.” The Gollum Jade is also sometimes called “Ogre’s Ears” or “Shrek’s Ears.” It is often mistaken for Crassula ovata Hobbit, which was also named after J.R.R Tolkien’s writings.

The Gollum Jade is an evergreen succulent with elongated tubular leaves that have puckered ends. The puckered ends look like suction cups that turn red when exposed to full sun. It produces star-shaped flowers that are either white or light pink.

Is the Gollum Jade an Indoor or Outdoor Plant?

The Gollum Jade can survive both indoors and outdoors as long as it you give it adequate lighting and plant it in a well-draining soil mix. You also need to protect them from freezing temperatures and overwatering. If you’re planning to grow a Gollum Jade, read on to learn how you can adequately care for it.

Lighting Requirements

When growing your Gollum Jade indoors, place it in a location that receives plenty of light. Windows facing the east are the best spot for your Gollum Jade, but they can also thrive in south- and west-facing windows. The plant turns a deeper shade of green when kept in the shade, but turns lighter with the tips becoming brighter red when exposed to full sun.

You would know if your Gollum Jade is not getting the amount of sunlight it needs when it starts getting leggy and stretchy. This process is called etiolation. An etiolated succulent is one that is not getting enough sunlight and is using all its nutrients to stretch out to seek more light. As a result, the succulent does not produce new growth because it is using all its energy to stretch or grow its stem. Etiolation is not a normal occurrence for plants. If this happens to your Gollum Jade, move it to a brighter spot where they receive 4-6 hours of sunlight every day.

A Gollum Jade will not survive when it stays for long periods in a location with poor lighting conditions. Consider using a grow light when you think your home doesn’t get the adequate lighting that your plant needs to survive. A grow light can help provide the light that your Gollum Jade needs for photosynthesis, especially during winter months when it gets frigid and dark. You can check out this grow light that can be adjusted according to the stage of your plant’s growth.

Lighting Requirements

The Gollum Jade can tolerate full sun, so we recommend that you place it in an area that gets a lot of bright sunlight. However, before you move your plant from the indoors to out, make sure to acclimatize it first to the full sun. Acclimatization is the adjustment process of a plant and other organisms to a change in its environment. In the case of the Gollum Jade, it is necessary that you slowly increase the amount of sunlight it gets before you leave it all day under the full sun. The gradual increase in sun exposure will prevent any sun damage to your succulent. In general, succulents prefer the morning sun than the afternoon sun.

So, when acclimating your Gollum Jade to the outdoor sunlight, expose it to the morning sun first before allowing it to sit under the more intense afternoon sun. You will know when the Gollum Jade is receiving a sufficient amount of light when it takes on a lime green color, and the red hue on its tips become more pronounced.

You can use taller plants to shade your Gollum Jade from the intense sunlight by strategically positioning them based on the sun’s movement. Alternatively, you can also use a breathable shade cloth to make sure your plant is protected from any sun damage that excessive sun exposure can cause. Remember, a plant that is acclimated to the full sun can still get sunburned, especially when there is a heatwave.

Gollum Jade Hardiness

The Gollum Jade is recommended for those living in the USDA Hardiness Zones 9-10. This means that those living in these zones can plant their Gollum Jade outdoors and leave it there year-round. It can tolerate mild frost and slightly freezing temperatures but not for long periods.

If you live in a place where the temperature significantly drops during fall and winter, we recommend that you plant your Gollum Jade in a container so you can take it indoors when there is a forecast of rain, snow, or frost. If you prefer to grow your Gollum Jade outdoors, there is also a way for you to protect your plant freezing temperatures. You can place it in a portable greenhouse to help it survive the winter months. You can purchase a portable greenhouse here.

Soil Requirements

Soil Requirements

A well-draining soil is a must for all succulents, so when growing a Gollum Jade, you need to provide it with the appropriate potting mix. Consider adding perlite to a cactus mix to provide additional drainage for your succulent. You can also use a ready-to-use succulent soil mix that is specially formulated for succulents and cacti. You can find one here.

Water Requirements

The Gollum Jade is highly susceptible to over-watering, so make sure to check the soil’s humidity before you water your plant. An excellent watering technique to follow is the “soak and dry,” which means you have to thoroughly drench the soil when watering until water comes out from the drainage holes, then leaving it alone until the soil is completely dry before watering it again.

If you live in humid conditions, there is no need to water your Gollum Jade as much. It goes the same when your plant is indoors and doesn’t get much sunlight. Remember to check the soil first before watering to avoid root rot, which is very common in succulents.

Fertilizer Requirements

The Gollum Jade’s growing period is during the colder seasons, and that’s also when it needs feeding. When fertilizing, make sure to use a diluted fertilizer and see to it that it gets adequate sunlight so it doesn’t get leggy.

Gollum Jade Propagation

You can propagate a Gollum Jade through leaves or cuttings using these easy steps:

Leaf Propagation

  • Gently pull off a whole leaf from the stem
  • Allow the leaf to dry for a couple of days until the cut heals
  • Place the leaf in a well-draining soil away from direct sunlight


  • Carefully cut a tube from the base of your Gollum Jade plant
  • Leave the cutting to dry for a couple of days
  • Place the cutting in a well-draining soil
  • Wait for a day or two before you water your new plant
Gollum Jade Propagation
A Gollum Jade is excellent to have even if you are not a J.R.R Tolkien fan. It’s easy to grow, and it has a unique appearance that can surely add character to your garden.

If you decide to grow your own Gollum Jade, make sure to refer to this guide so your plant achieves its optimal growth. If you’re still choosing which succulent variety to grow, you may check our website for comprehensive care guides for various succulent types. If you have any queries regarding succulents, please feel free to reach us through the comment box below.

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