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The love and interest in succulents are continuously growing. Succulents continue to take over our social media timeline. Just by typing in the hashtag “succulents,” on Instagram, Pinterest, or even Twitter, you get millions of results. You see people putting in their first succulent in their living room, or you see dozens of tutorials for newbie succulent growers.

Even in the homes of the people, we see that the succulents are the absolute go-to plants of homemakers. Their stunning beauty definitely adds an instant aesthetic wherever you put them may it be in the outdoor garden, the living room, or your office.

The Best Succulent Gardens in The World
A single succulent plant can give you a certain kind of relief. What more being surrounded by a whole garden of succulents with different shapes, sizes, and colors? That would be a day you wish would never end. That is why, in this lifetime, make sure to visit a succulent garden in the world. Make it two succulent gardens! Aside from they are an instant Instagram-worthy post, you will love the air that you breathe and will be given positivity that will last you a long time.

Here are the top 6 best succulent gardens in the world that you definitely need to visit. These are in no order, so visit any garden of your choice! Or why not visit all of them?

Remember that cacti are a type of succulent. Therefore, all cacti are succulents. However, not all succulents are cacti. This specific garden only grows cacti, but they are as beautiful as ever.

This Cactus Garden displays dozens of varied species of cacti mixed with a couple of non-flowering succulents. You will love their outdoor garden and their accessible walkway that will lead you around their cacti garden. For directions click this link.

1. Ethel M Chocolates’ Botanical Cactus Garden (Henderson, Nevada)

Who knew you can have both the delight of eating chocolate while enjoying the succulent scenery? Ethel M Chocolates’ Botanical Cactus Garden offers that kind of delight to its visitors.

As you indulge yourself in their luxury sweets, you also get to tour around one of the largest cacti gardens in the state. They feature more than 300 species of cacti and other succulents. This is certainly a safe haven for succulents lovers like you and me.

2. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Succulent Garden (Sarasota, Florida)

If you find yourself wandering in Florida, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Succulent Garden is absolutely the place to be. In the region, they are known for having the most beautiful succulents on display. What is even more interesting is that they devote an area of their grounds to a desert-focused succulent garden. So if you have that special love for desert succulents, this is the perfect succulent garden for you to visit. Put it on top of your list!

This garden is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. except during the Christmas Holidays.

3. Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery (Matlock, United Kingdom)

Let us head on over to north-central England, the United Kingdom. Knowing the origin of succulents in areas with long dry seasons, you might be wondering, “What are they doing in the United Kingdom?” Interestingly enough, they are thriving. In fact, Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery is known to be the first commercial succulent grower to put off dealing with field-collected plants.

This nursery is located in the center of Great Britain. Therefore, it is a perfect side trip that you must include in your itinerary!

4. Cactus Country (Strathmerton, Victoria, Australia)

You heard it right! Cactus Country. Australia might not be far away from your hometown, but if you are that hardcore succulent grower and lover, you will definitely not mind the distance.

Cactus Country is able to gather succulents from all over the succulent-producing world such as Mexico and the Sahara to create a beautiful cactus landscape. As you walk around this garden, you will find yourself in a succulent-dream and you would not want to wake up from it.

Do you know any succulent gardens that can make it to this list? Share them with us. Feel free to leave a comment about your own experiences with succulent gardens. And if you’re looking to try a hand at growing your own succulent garden, check out the rest of our information hub for more information on how to get started today!