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Eden Succulents


Succulents have always had that minimalist, yet magical way of instantly beautifying your home. Just be simply putting together various types, sizes, and shapes of succulents can already be aesthetic in itself.

However, these succulents are not just for decoration means alone. Succulents, as plants, provide numerous health advantages that you and your loved ones at home can benefit from. Some of these benefits range from helping prevent diseases from purifying the air to aiding in quick recovery.

With these benefits in mind, not to mention the aesthetic this plant brings to your home, it is important that you know how to take good care of it.

If you are worried that you do not have the luxury of time take care of these succulents, don’t be. Among the numerous plants that you can keep at your home, succulents are some of the easiest plants to take care of because they require minimal care. So, if you are an all-around gal or pal, out of your house most of the week, taking care of a succulent will not be a weight on your shoulder.

Just remember these important factors: containers or pots, the watering tool, and of course the soil! Among these factors, choosing the best soil is one of the most crucial and difficult parts.

What kind of soil do I need?

The soil used for succulents is quite different from what is normally used with the average plants being kept at home. Generally, succulents do well when they are planted in soil that does not hold water because they only need minimal water consumption. That is why you will need more than just putting it in regular soil.

Choosing the Best Soil for Your Succulents
This might sound weird, but you need to use poor soil which is filled with organic elements. This will allow your soil to dry out quickly, rather than the soil holding the water. As you know, succulents are already great at retaining their own moisture.

You can either make your own soil or buy ready-packed special soil for your succulents.

Making your own soil

If you are choosing the road less traveled by making your own soil, do not fret because it is actually quite easy. Generally, you just need to mix potting soil and sand to make it more porous (because again, succulents do not like wet roots).

For a more complex yet effective mix for your succulent to thrive in, you will be mixing succulent-friendly soil, equal parts sand, gravel or pumice, and the existing garden soil or potting mix. Be sure to smooth out the surface, but do not pat it down!

Testing the soil

If you already mixed your own soil, congratulations future green thumb! To be sure it is the perfect soil for your succulents, let us test it first.

Spray or pour a bit of water in your soil. If your soil falls apart after you wet it and give it a squeeze, then voila! It has the right components. But, if it remained as a lump after giving it a squeeze, your soil probably needs more inorganic elements such as granite and perlite to make it more porous.

Ready-packed soil

If you do not have time to experiment with your soil and if you are worried that you might not end up creating the perfect one for your succulent friends, there are already great ready-packed soil you can purchase. One high-quality and frequently bought soil is the Gritty Mix Imperial Potting Mix. It contains montery pine bark, granite grit, and turface. This is especially perfect for container plants. You can check out this link to check out their bag sizes and prices! The reviews are also great so you may also check them out.

For soils you plan to buy online, just make sure to read the reviews. Also, since you know what needs to be in a mixed soil for your succulent buddies, double-check the soil’s content and make sure everything is there.

Here is a pro tip: succulents love slightly acidic soil, especially with high lime content. Go give your succulents a treat!

Gravel only, please!

So, you told your friends that you got this set of cute succulent plants that you are going to put in your home. One of your friends might suggest that you just put them directly in gravel. You can actually do that! Again, succulents do not mind the dry. They hate the wet! Gravel can already provide adequate moisture drainage. However, a bit of soil is still necessary to provide nutrients for the roots.

For soils you plan to buy online

Other growing needs

Now that you know the basic essentials for growing your succulents, here are other things you can do to ensure you keep your succulents healthy!

We recommend you try out Cute Farms’ Succulent Fertilizer. It’s a plant food that come as a liquid which you can spray on your succulents for just once a month. That can already make your succulents more alive and healthier. If you already have a succulent at home and you fear that it’s looking odd, just use this product and in just a few weeks, it will go back to how it was when you first bought it. Click this link to check out the prices and whether they ship to your city or not:

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