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After following all the essential steps to growing and taking care of a succulent, the next question to ask yourself is, “Are my succulents healthy?” Thankfully, succulents are very easy to take care of compared to other houseplants, but it is always better to be on alert on your succulents’ health.

As an expert on succulent growing, we will be sharing with you the common signs that your succulents are as alive as ever to make sure that you are right on track. Read ahead and also discover more tips on giving you succulents some tender loving care.

Before we proceed, the first we want you to know is that dead leaves are perfectly normal. It happens to any plant because it is part of their growing cycle. Finding dead leaves at the bottom is something that you should not be afraid of. Just get them with your fingers, or wear gloves, then just throw them right after. However, finding that your succulents’ have dead leaves on top is a different story. Read more to find out why.

1. Your Succulents Are Firm

If you give your succulents a bit of a pinch and you feel that the leaves are firm. Job well done! That is a sure sign that your succulents are doing good. Particularly, it means that you are watering them just enough for the needs.

We all know that succulents are not fond of too much water or even moisture. Receiving too much water will probably lead to the unhealthiness of your succulents. However, the firmness of your succulents’ leaves reveals that they have absorbed and stored the water that you have fed them.

But wait, only some of your succulents’ leaves are firm? What does that mean? For your succulent to be truly considered healthy in terms of their leaves and water intake, all their leaves need to be firm. If some are firm while others are not, that means that your succulent might have a root rot problem.

Root rot is a kind of plant disease that attacks the roots of your plants growing in moist, damp or wet soil. This disease can cut your plants’ life short.

2. Upright

How Do I Know If My Succulent Is Healthy?
Just like in the photos we see on the Internet, succulents are usually standing upright. It is like they had their leaves facelifted. When your succulents are opening upwards towards your roof or the sky, this means that they are properly hydrated. Along with this “facelift,” after proper hydration, the wrinkles of your leaves disappear. However, it is always better if you do not let your leaves come to the point where they have wrinkles. If you see that the stems and leaves of your succulents are leaning to the side, it is time to hydrate them!

3. No Sunburn and No Stretches

It is also important that your succulents are neither experiencing sunburn nor stretches. If you find that your succulents are brown, this means that they have been overexposed to the sun.

On the other hand, if you find that the stems and leaves of your succulents are stretched or longer than usual, they are experiencing underexposure to the sun. Always remember that moderation is the key to your succulents’ health, even if they are used to extreme heat conditions.

4. Color

succulents because of their beautiful and vibrant colors
We know you bought those succulents because of their beautiful and vibrant colors. If they maintain that color, that means they are growing and blooming the right way. While brown and red are common succulent colors as well, these two colors are the exception to a colorful and healthy succulent.

If your succulents are turning brown or red, this means they have received an excess of sunlight. If your leaves have turned brown and is kind of mushy, this may not an overexposure to sunlight, but is also a sign of a root rot problem.

Few Extra Tips

If you all these are present in your succulents, congratulations on being a good succulent mother! Let us keep that going and you can use these helpful extra tips for your succulents.

1. Use Watering Bottles

Watering bottles or spout cans are the best tools to use to water your plants. People always mistakenly use spray bottles to water the succulents. However, it is not a good medium because the water from spray bottles only reaches the leaves when it should be reaching the roots through the soil.

2. Use Composted Tea

Composted tea is the best fertilizer for your cacti and succulents. This is the most preferred fertilizer by most succulent growers and gardeners.

Keep up the good work there, succulent grower! If you would like to hear more about tips and stories about taking care of our succulents, check out the rest of our website and read on!