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Eden Succulents


Succulents are typically fleshy because they can preserve water most especially during dry climate. They can adapt to light and comes in various shapes and forms. Best of all, they can still survive even if you ignore them for weeks which is great!

Well, if you are the type of person who loves to grow plants in your home then succulents are the best option. Aside from making your home look amazing, they also have tons of health benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Succulent Plants?

Succulents can purify the air around you so you can breathe easier. They can prevent diseases and can alleviate headaches, cough, colds, and fever. If you want to improve your mood and concentration, then you should place succulent plants on your table. The fact is, they are well known as healing plants.

What Makes Them Perfect for Your Home?

Aside from its tremendous health benefits, succulents have minimal maintenance. You can decorate them in your house all year long. There is a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. You can even create creative gifts by growing new plants.

Succulent Decorating Ideas

Want to freshen up your home? Here are some spectacular decorating ideas for succulents.

Desktop Terrariums

This is a great decorating idea for your work desk at home. A succulent terrarium is very easy to do. All you need is a jar, pebbles, moss, charcoal, and soil. First of all, you have to clean your jar, then fill the bottom with pebbles. Put a layer of moss on top of the pebbles. Afterward, put some charcoal into it. Add some soil, then add another layer of pebbles. Finally, place your succulent surrounded by small stones.

Large Shell Planter with Succulents

Here, you will be using various types of succulents. In this project, you will need a large shell, small rocks or pebbles, soil, and most importantly assorted succulents. Choose succulents in different sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. First, you have to fill your large shell with soil.

Next, arrange your succulents and push them for more stability. Add more soil if needed. Put some small rocks and shells on top of the soil. Finally, mist them with water. This is so simple and easy to do. A fabulous decoration for your living room as well as for your bathroom and dining room.

Large Shell Planter with Succulents

Succulent Garden in a Bowl

One of the best features of succulents is that they can blend well with each other. This is why they are great for centerpieces most especially at weddings. You can choose any size of containers. It’s best to use glass bowls, however, you can also use glasses, pots, or vases.

When making your succulent bowl garden, you also need moss, small stones, and some soil. Begin by putting the small stones at the bottom of the bowl. Add a layer of moss. This is done to prevent the soil from going into the bottom of the bowl. Next is to add a layer of soil. This layer should be between one to two inches from the top of the bowl.

Place your succulents on the bowl and make sure that they are close to each other. This can help in making your succulent garden look more interesting. After placing all the plants inside, add another layer of moss. That’s it! Your succulent bowl garden is now complete! Keep in mind that it does not have any drainage. This means that you must be very careful about watering them. Water them periodically and always keep the soil dry. You should also provide it with lots of sunlight.

Succulent Bookends

Decorate your book collection with these unique succulent bookends. Want to create your own? It is very easy to do, you just need some vases, succulents, and a few pieces of small stones. If you don’t have succulents at home, then you can buy them at a nursery or hardware store. Choose succulents with different varieties of colors, sizes, and shapes. You can experiment with different variations until you can find the perfect blend that can create a great impact. For each bookend, you’ll probably need three to four succulents.

The first thing to do is to remove the succulents from the pots. Keep the soil on the roots since you will be repotting them. You will be needing two glass vases for every bookend. One vase should be smaller than the other. Place the smaller vase inside the larger one. Place small rocks on the space between the two glasses. A few stones can also be placed at the bottom of the bigger vase. Put your succulents into the smaller vase and add some soil. Finally, cover the top with small rocks to hide the smaller vase.
Succulent Bookends

Display Succulents on your Windowsill

Succulents are the most affordable way of adding greenery to your indoors. They can grow easily as long as you have a windowsill. When creating a succulent garden for your windowsill, the first thing that you need to do is to choose nice pots. You can either pick small glass jars, porcelain pots, or even terra cotta pots. The sizes and shapes could either be similar or different. You could plant one piece in each pot to give them enough room to spread out. Or perhaps you want to put several plants in a pot.

Since there are lots of succulent varieties, then you can get easily tempted in planting everything. Typically, orange or purple succulents are great for the outdoors. For indoors, you need to choose succulents that have bright green leaves. You could create a variety by choosing different sizes and shapes.

Start filling your pot by layering small stones at the bottom. Add potting soil then put your succulent on your pot. Add more soil but don’t put too much. Give them some space for proper drainage. Add a small amount of water. Do not overwater them. It is preferable if your succulents have drier soil.