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Your home is called home not because it is a house that provides a roof over your head. It is called home because it is your personal safe haven, your sanctuary. You should have a home that you feel comfortable, where you will be excited to go home to, where you can sleep and wake up the next day with a smile on your face.

There are various factors involved in making your home truly a home like the theme of your decorations, the comfortability of your bed, and the relationships you have with the people you live with. If everything seems to be in place, that is great to hear!

But wait, just to be sure. We will just ask you this question: Do you have succulents in your home? Yes? Perfect! No? Well, maybe that is a missing piece of your home.

For people who have green thumbs, they will most likely put a lot of plants inside and outside their homes. Plants are of their priority. However, for a lot of other people, plants can’t exactly be found on the top of their must-haves when decorating their homes.

Here is our reminder for you, homemaker. Go get a plant! If it is your first time to get a plant and take care of one, succulents are the perfect house plants for beginners. It is one of the perfect plants to keep and they have eight blooming benefits if you put them in your home.

1. They Add Color to Your Home

They Add Color to Your Home
One of the unique traits of the succulents is its color. As you may know, succulents come in different sizes and shapes. But did you know that they come in different colors too? Red, pink, or green, take your pick! Whatever color you choose, the succulents will definitely bring some personality into your home. They might make the perfect match with the bamboo mats on your dining table. What do you think?

2. They Purify the Air

According to a NASA research, succulents are able to excellently cleanse the air in your homes and remove toxins. You may not smell or see it, but there are toxins in the air in your home that come from the organic chemicals found in rugs, books, grocery bags, and more.

Thus, keeping succulents make the air in your home cleaner to breathe. Wouldn’t it be nice knowing that you are coming home to a place with purified air?If you have a room with books and rugs, this may be a perfect place to put more than just one succulent.

3. They Help You Breathe

This benefit may be a very obvious one since we know that plants give off oxygen which we, as human beings, breathe. For some people, they have a hard time to sleep. Maybe what you need is a succulent by your bedside table to boost an extra amount of oxygen to give you that good night’s sleep. Try having an aloe succulent by your night lamp as this is one of the succulents known for its medicinal advantages and purposes.

4. They Help You Focusl

They Help You Focus
It has been found in a number of studied that productivity, focus, and concentration heighten when plants are in the room you are working in. These studies show that the brain’s capabilities improve by as much as 20 percent.

Succulents are more suited for this role than other houseplants because they are more convenient to put on your desk. Not only that, they are easier to care for. Sometimes, people do not like to put plants in their desks because they worry about having to put so much energy in taking care of these plants.

That is why succulents make perfect work buddies because you do not have to give them your full attention all the time. They just need a bit of your time and energy, and they will return the favor by helping you focus on working or studying.

5. They Aid In Quick Recovery

It has been known that succulents can aid in reducing flu-like symptoms, fever, coughs, and headaches. That is why there are clinics and hospitals that put a lot of plants in the corners of the halls or in the wards. There were not just put there to fill empty spaces, but they also serve a purpose to patients.

If you have succulents in your home, you will not have to put extra artificial humidifiers that say to help with sickness. You already have on that is straight from nature. How cool is that? Doctor Succulent to the rescue!

6. They Prevent Diseases

Not only do they aid in recovery, but they also prevent diseases. Did you know that 10% of the moisture in the atmosphere comes from plants? Moisture or humidity is important because it can prevent dry skin, colds, sore throat, and dry cough. Therefore, your home will be more humid if you have more succulents.

And you thought your succulents were only for decoration, right? They are much more than that and we are not even done yet!

7. They Boost Your Mood

They Boost Your Mood
According to research found in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, interaction with indoor plants such as succulents may reduce psychological and physiological stress. With no stress comes a boosted mood!

It is important to have a home where you can call stress-free. Your home should be the number 1 place where you can be relieved of stress. So just put in the succulents and say goodbye to stress.

8. Growing Them Is Rewarding

Keeping succulents at home also means that you are going to have to take care of them. This gives you a sense of responsibility over your succulents. If you take good care of them, they will reward you with an array of beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes. You will be able to appreciate them more because you were the reason for their beautiful bloom.

Hopefully, you have just been convinced to buy succulents for your home. You will have no regrets. You may buy your succulent seedling or you can even grow them yourselves by propagating seeds. Whatever you choose, Eden Succulents will be here to answer all your questions. Have one now? Search it up in our website and we will guide you every step of the way.