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Succulents are the latest trends both indoors and outdoors. If you are planning to create a garden in your backyard, then you should include a few succulents. They can make your landscaping look incredible. Succulents are a popular choice because they are low maintenance. When incorporating succulents in your garden, be sure to choose the right ones.

Succulents can be quickly recognized by its fleshy leaves and fat stems which are used for storing water. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and flowers. If you are growing your succulents outdoors, then there are three important factors that you need to consider. These include temperature, amount of sunlight, and rainfall. Some types of garden succulents can endure mild freezes. However, some succulents cannot tolerate warm climates.

Generally, succulents need sun exposure for at least six hours. While others can look colorful when exposed to the sun for at least eight hours or more. Unfortunately, they can burn in intense heat, so you have to shade them during mid-day and afternoon.

Most succulents may not adapt well to changing climates. However, there are some types of succulents that you can plant in your yard which can make your garden look stylish. This includes Hens-And-Chicks, Stonecrop, Agave, Aeonium, Echeveria, Haworthia, Pigmyweeds, and Senecio. It is very important to properly care for them, so they can thrive outdoors. Here, we will give you some tips on how to grow succulents outdoors.

Give Them Enough Shade

You might not be aware of it, but some succulents cannot survive with full sunlight. The fact is too much exposure in the sun can burn them. While there are also some succulents which require some sunlight, so it is still advisable that you should give them sufficient shade. Some types of succulents which require shade are Hens-and-Chicks, Aeoniums, Lace Aloe, and Painted Ladies.

Give Them Enough Shade

Always Consider the Weather

Succulents can thrive well when the weather is fine. This means that it should not be extremely cold or too hot. This is why most succulent enthusiasts would choose to plant them in a container garden. In this way, they can easily bring them inside when the weather gets too hot or excessively cold. If you are planning to grow your succulents in container gardens, then you can put them in the shade before exposing them to sunlight.

Transplant with Care

When the weather gets cold, its best to bring your succulents inside. Some types of succulents can’t thrive in too cold temperatures. That is why it is recommended that you should transplant them into pots. However, transplanting succulents is not as simple as you might think. First, you have to put some small rocks at the bottom of the pot, so it will drain quickly. Repotting these plants will also require the right mixture of sand and soil. This can provide your succulents with proper nourishment, so when summer comes you can transfer them outdoors.

Water Them When Necessary

Most people are quickly attracted to succulents because they do not require too much watering. If you are growing your succulents on container gardens, then you can soak the soil with water. You have to wait until the soil gets dry before you have to water them again. This will probably take two to three days. Sometimes it will also depend on the climate.

If you plant your succulents on the ground, then you can water them at least once a week. You don’t have to completely soak the ground with water. Keep in mind that when it rains, you don’t have to water them. Only water them when needed. Always avoid overwatering them.

Water Them When Necessary

Use Containers With Proper Drainage

If you are growing your succulents on container gardens, then it is important to have proper drainage. Be sure to put some small rocks at the bottom of your container. There should be a hole at the bottom to prevent overwatering. It is best to place your pot on a plant stand so there is a way for the water to drain. If you place your succulents indoors, then you should put a dish beneath the pot.

Choose the Best Soil

It is essential to choose the right type of soil for your succulents. If it is your first time to plant your succulents in the garden, then it is best to use a superior potting mix combined with pebbles. The depth of the hole that you are going to dig will likely depend on the size of the plant. To provide sufficient nourishment to your plant, be sure to give them fertilizer or compost mixture.

Provide Them Enough Space

Succulents can look great in any garden. They grow slowly and it is essential to give them some space to grow up so they will not grow out. Succulents must not be placed beside a flowerbed since they have distinct ways of watering. If you are growing several succulents in your pot, be sure to keep them one inch apart. If you place them extremely apart then they won’t grow healthy leaves and stems. Instead, they will grow more roots. If you space them correctly, then your succulents will look more appealing.

Test Your Soil

Before you start building your succulent garden, be sure to test your soil first. Having a test can help you determine if you are using the right kind of soil. You have to pay a certain amount to get your soil tested. Or you can do it yourself by purchasing kits which can be found in local garden stores.


Succulents can add beauty to your landscaping. They are low maintenance, but they need to be cared for properly. We hope that these tips can help you in growing your succulent outdoors.

At Eden Succulents, you will learn how to care and grow your succulents properly. We will give you the latest and most accurate information about succulents. As much as possible we want you to have fun while caring for your succulents. If you need some help in growing your succulents outdoors, then let know in the comments below.